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Automated External Defibrillator
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自動體外心臟去顫器 AED automatically analyzes the patient's heart rhythm, identify automatically the need for defibrillation. When an electric shock is needed,  AED will give voice instructions and flash the shock button to direct the operator to press the shock button, then the AED conducts automatically  the defibrillation.
Automated External Defibrillator
CE European Conformity with safety standards 韓國製造
Heart Guardian AED is manufactured by the Korean manufacturer, RadianQbio. It is an AED that can be operated by laymen. It is easy to use and has clear voice instructions.
Model Comparison
Common Advantages Electrode pads can be used for adult and child patient that reduces the cost to purchase additional pads for child;
Clear voice guides AED and CPR procedures, and beep-sounds guides the
chest compression speed.
Individual Features HR-501 HR-701 Plus
  Sale price HK$ 9,800 Sale price HK$ 14,800
AED HR-501 AED HR-701Plus
  No matter in a noisy environment, you can still follow the video and continue to operate.
Model HR-501 Model HR-701 Plus
Warranty of Main unit 5 years Warranty of Main unit 5 years
Voice operation instruction Single language : Cantonese
( To order English or Putonghua )
Voice operation instruction Four languages in a unit :
Cantonese, English, Putonghua, Korea
Visual operation  instruction LED guides with phase pictures Visual operation  instruction 4.3" Color LCD displays images
Status signal LED light Status signal Battery, pads, condition indicator
Shock output 150J (Adult);
50J (Child)
Shock output 150J,200J,250J(Adult);
50J (Child)
Protection level IP54 Protection level IP55
Weight 2.2kg Weight 2.3kg
Size 230(W) x 320(L) x 85(T) mm Size 222(W) x 280(L) x 75(T) mm
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Brochure Download HR-501 [PDF] CHI Brochure Download HR-701 Plus Brochure [PDF] CHI
Download HR-501 [PDF] ENG Download HR-701 Plus Brochure [PDF] ENG
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Being responsible by tutor qualified by European Resuscitation Council

 Directly authorized by Manufacturer to sell and provide products maintenance
Provide AED Basic operation training
Free on-site taught
Within warranty
free on-site annual check-up
24 hours technical support
Free supply of [Operation Manual] and [Guide]
On-site maintenance service
Provide AED for temporary use during repairement 
Basic Operation Training AED annual check-up  Services
Technology For Life Joined "Medica Exhibition" held in Dusseldorf Germany in 2021 RadianQbio joined "Arab Health 2022" held in Dubai in January RadianQbio joined "Arab Health 2023" held in Dubai in February this year 
RadianQbio is established in 2005 in Korea. Their business activities include research, development, manufacturing of sensors, medical devices and measuring equipment. In 2014the Heart Guardian AED series were included to their product portfolio. RadianQbio RadianQbio Heart Guardian AED

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